Thursday, February 28, 2013

Eggs are coming out of our ears!

  Year before last we bought Turkins (aka necked necks)   We've have had one or two over the years and the kids think that they look funny but have loved them.  So we bought about 40 , straight run, and ended up with about a 50/50 split.  We have eaten several of the roosters- "the meaners" as they are called by my little ones.

We only feed scraps untill dead  of winter then I'll kick out some feed here and there when theres snow on the ground.  I find no point in feeding something is its going to end up costing me $$$$ for a dozen eggs.  They have all gotten along fine but never really laid that well maybe 2-3 eggs a week at best.

Well, just as we started to talk about butchering the hens off and buy replacement chicks this year - BOY HOWDY did they ever start to lay!  Im getting on average 5 eggs a week from these girls!  I've still got my Buff Orphingtons that are 3 years old and am getting 4-5 eggs a week out of them.

My kids are overjoyed that everytime they go outside there is more eggs to get:) 

Hubster isnt thrilled with eggs  but we eat them everyday and I try to cook with them almost every meal.  If I dont use eggs for a day or 2... or 3 then this is what you see when you open the fridge.

Yes these are all ours & yes its about a weeks worth.  I have to say I would so rather be sick of eating eggs than to not have enough!

Im just ready for some homemade butter & cheese!  Feels like forever since weve had a fresh cow or dairy goat! 

I can taste it now...