Monday, March 25, 2013

Dinner Rolls that are AWESOME

I bake bread - a lot.     Usually 3-4+ times a week.  Yes, I love it & Yes its a stress relief for me!  

I made a 4- 9x13 pans tonight... This was all that was left to take a picture!

By far the BEST rolls I have EVER made!!  So light and fluffy!  So, so , SO good!!! 

These took a little longer to rise but are SO WORTH IT!!!

Check back in tomorrow for the recipe!!

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Babies, Babies Everywhere

     I sit here looking at my laptop.  Poor old thing.  Its totally on its last leg and SLOW.  I swore this year I would make my blog great.  ...   ... .......  Herm,  ugh,  Well I haven't taken the time to hone my photoshop skills either to make everything look nice and pretty, but on the other hand I kind of like the real snap shots. I just need to make myself write more!

We are small potatoes, but over the last x amount of years have dabbled in just about anything and everything.  I used to call is flailing now I call it dabbling.  I want to be able to say we have done it all on a small scale and on pennies.  And we are!

I do better under pressure and when I am super busy.  Its odd but true. 

Well I am busy.

 On Wednesday I took on taking care of a tiny puppy for a friend,

 my prize Nubain gave me quads and shes giving me over 90 ounces a milking!!!! 

 & our barn cat decided my house was a good place to have her kittens...

 I have about 1700 seedlings in my living room, Milk cow needing milking 2x a day, Milk goats, chickens, babies, babies, & babies.  All while Homeschooling and dealing with a teething baby, and my 6 other kids.... chicks in the incubator (review and posts coming soon!)

 Which is all fine and well but Mr Homestead (Hubster) has been gone several nights pushing snow...and is again tonight. It goes from busy to shear madness when hes not here.  But its always fun and interesting.

Oh and did I mention we are about to start feeding sprouts and fodder!!  Have all the supplies and will be blogging our set up and progress!!

One last thing - I also have a STACK of recipes I have been making and need to start posting four you all so check back in often!

Have a recipe you don't want to try- to complicated, to many ingredients, just odd?  More than likely Ill try it- just send it my way and Ill post about it :)

Monday, March 4, 2013

Back In the Saddle again!

I'm Baaaaack!  Can you hear the music....Aerosmith.....

Ok anyway....

Now that we've gotten thru the first of the year I can refocus on my kitchen, garden, and blogging!

Oh and did I happen to mention that I have lost 85 pounds since my last blog post.......  All on my own thank you very much.

Well I had planned this whole baking bread posts but the heating element went out on the oven-- SO
I'll just give you a run down.

We are putting a fairly large garden this year.  I wanted my herb bed to be ridiculously huge but decided to scale back since I'll be doing my soaps this year and have a couple festivals planned.

I have a membership to a seed savers club and get sent 5 packs of random seeds mailed each month.  I also had a $200 order in to Bakers Creek again this year.  They may be a tad higher on the packs but they are in my state and you cannot beat their shipping.

We have always been very happy with Bakerscreek and they are all open pollinated and GMO free.

We got the garden plowed a few times before our snow hit-  between 11 & 12 inches last week. Hubster works for MoDOT so we hardly saw him for nearly a week.  One of the nights he was gone I caught 2 guys seeking around the old farm house on the place - SCARED me to death.  grabbed my gun and hit the back door on a vengeance - scared the pee out of them I think.

 To put it pleasantly I had a very no nonsense approach with an extremely stern tone.......

Hubster headed out to get some wood

Big things planned - Milk cow calved today!  One of my Nubians should be kidding ANYtime - garden all planned out and seeds sprouting as we speak, Got a new camera and forked out the bucks for Photoshop 11 and 2 books to try and explain it all (we will see how that goes) If I could get my oven fixed this week it may actually be organized around here.

HAHAHA - who am I kidding I SCRUBBBBBED the house down Saturday and you cannot hardly tell today. Between home school, cooking, cleaning, and other everyday tasks its a mad house.  But its my mad house and I run the asylum - wouldn't have it any other way.

Oh and remember Seed giveaway is right around the corner!  Make sure you keep an eye out on our facebook page!