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Welcome to Housewife Homestead!
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Meet Us

The Housewife

Founder & CEO

Queen to the Mr., Ruler of the homestead, Herbalist, Healer of the boo-boos. Unbreaker of toys and the Mother of the Minis

Took the kids for a 2 mile hike and Mr h
The Mr.

Production Assistant &

Hard Labor

Once bearded, the Pipe Smoker.  Worker of the North (slope) First of his name.  Savorer of the fine whiskeys, King of the Minis. 

Boone was a shark..jpg
The Minis

Product Testers, Food Tasters & all around Runamucks

In charge of the mischief that happens here on the homestead.  Player of toys, beggar of snacks, the 10 have their own code.

We started our way on Social media (Facebook) back in 2012 and after a 2-year break, we are back at it!


Hi! Kristyn here, Housewife here on the Homestead!

Warden of the farm, folk herbalist, soap crafter extraordinaire, Momma to 10 and housewife to one hard workin' man.


My sweet husband works on the north slope (ALASKA!) and we are in Missouri. I hold down the fort while he's gone. I raise the younguns, pigs, chickens, dairy goats, couple milk cows, garden, herbs, worms...


Follow along as we farm, forage, homeschool, craft, & work with our hands!

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and if ya really wanna see way back when.....

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