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Weather the Storm

Its been absolute craziness lately with the back to back storms thru the midwest.

Last week a series of storms hit the midwest. Rain, then flooding, then tempature shifts, more rain, tornados more rain....

“ Up in the Ozarks, I'd learned that spring brings out nature's beauty, but the warmth that awakens the flowers also breeds tornadoes; you have to accept the bad with the good. - Tegan Wren .”

While we got got if them with minor damage, compared to the neighbors, it was still quite a couple of nights.

Ill never move again with out haveing a storm shelter.

Over the years we have moved a few times. We have and have not always had a storm shelter or celler. This storm last week prodouced tennis ball sized hail, tornados, and winds in excess of 160 mph.

We do not have a shelter.

This was also the first bad storm I have had to deal....or cope... with sinch John started working on the slope. (the North Slope in Alaska) I was alone, with the kids at midnight with know knowledge of the pending tornadaos. Sure I had watched the weather. They were calling for storms but nothing terriable so I thought.

After a crazy night we found the aftermath. Several trees gone, garden destroyed, leaking roof, smashed sheds, and a few other minor things.

Just a couple weeks, some hard work and we will be whole again for the most part. Neighbors were all ok. They had barns totally destroyed, cars were totaled, and roof damage.

Hug your loved ones, Keep an eye on the sky, and have a plan.

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